Happy Autumn

Hello, Friends

Hope all is well with everyone! Welcome to Autumn! I love this time of year! The rich, vibrant colors. The harvest. Sweaters, thick warm socks, flannel sheets … well, you get the idea!

Hope you’ll take a look at our FaceBook page. Lots of pictures have been added that will put you right in the Fall mode. We’ve got socks, boots, hunting attire, and more.

As always, happy spinning
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Textile Materials


The fundamental principles of weaving are, SHEDDING i.e. dividing the longitudinal threads called ‘warp’ into two sheets; PICKING i.e. insertion of transverse thread called ‘weft’ into the space created by the division of warp sheets and BEATING i.e. pulling the inserted wefts one after the other to form cloth. There is no change in these principles whether it is Handloom, Power loom. Automatic Loom or Shuttleless Loom technology.

Shuttleless looms have been developed to overcome the inherent problems created by the dynamics of the picking mechanism on the conventional Fly Shuttle Looms and make use of entirely different methods of weft insertion. Air Jet, Water Jet, Rapier, Gripper (Projectile) and Multi-Phase are the various types of Shuttleless Weaving Machines named after the method employed for weft insertion.
Shuttleless Weaving Machines are generally of wider widths enabling the simultaneous weaving of two or more widths; upto 400/420 cms. in the…

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Weaving Room


In my previous entry, I mentioned spending quite a bit of time at TWIST in the weaving demonstration room. This was a room that was basically filled with, I believe, four looms, along with sewing machines and lots of fabrics and threads and all sorts of textile goodies. We spent quite a bit of time in this room, trying out the different looms and chatting up the lovely women there. I love photographing looms because there’s just so many lines and angles to them I always find a new aesthetic perspective on a loom if I move around it enough. Now is also a good time to mention that I got a new lens for my camera this summer, it’s taken me a while to get used to it but I’m loving the time I’m getting to spend with it.

One thing’s for sure, being here and seeing some…

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Oh Silly Me – sheep art

Karmicdelight - Spinning & Weaving Adventures

Don’t know what happened but I was just sitting daydreaming after having a cup of tea this afternoon and this silly idea occurred to me.

For all those with a love of sheep and the fiber fun they provide us I have created a jazzy sheep image and thanks to the people at Society6 it comes in mobile cases, laptop covers and greetings cards as well as prints.

So if she lights your candle have a look:-

I painted the original sheep in watercolour and then added a flamboyant mauve background and some creamy coloured text.





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Today’s Thoughts

Hello, Everyone and Happy Wednesday!  Also, Happy Read a Book Day and Happy Cheese Pizza Day!  I think that covers it …

Making progress on the baby blanket I’m crocheting — using the treble crochet.  Will have it listed in our store as soon as it is finished — by this weekend.

Getting ready for the Cedar City Livestock Show.  Two grandsons have lambs that will be shown.  We’re not used to being on this end of it.  We have always gone as buyers/producers; now we add a 4H Club to the mix.  Looking forward to the fun!

Have you checked out our Facebook page yet?  No?  Check us out at rewespinning.  Following us on Twitter? Not yet?  Follow us as WeavingLinda.


Canadian Yarn-Bombers create 2,500 ft. airplane cozy

The Caron Notebook

Looks like it can get so cold in the Yukon that even the airplanes need sweaters!

As part of a collaboration with The Yukon Transportation Museum and The Yukon Arts Center Public Art Gallery, members of the Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective worked for 5 hours to cover this 70 year old DC-3 with a 2,500 foot airplane cozy! Knitters from across North America joined in, creating granny squares made of acrylic wool to contribute to the project.

If you happen to be in the Yukon, you can see the airplane cozy up close and in person until it’s torn down on August 21st. Once removed, pieces of it will be cleaned and turned into blankets that will help people in need stay warm this winter.

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