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The fundamental principles of weaving are, SHEDDING i.e. dividing the longitudinal threads called ‘warp’ into two sheets; PICKING i.e. insertion of transverse thread called ‘weft’ into the space created by the division of warp sheets and BEATING i.e. pulling the inserted wefts one after the other to form cloth. There is no change in these principles whether it is Handloom, Power loom. Automatic Loom or Shuttleless Loom technology.

Shuttleless looms have been developed to overcome the inherent problems created by the dynamics of the picking mechanism on the conventional Fly Shuttle Looms and make use of entirely different methods of weft insertion. Air Jet, Water Jet, Rapier, Gripper (Projectile) and Multi-Phase are the various types of Shuttleless Weaving Machines named after the method employed for weft insertion.
Shuttleless Weaving Machines are generally of wider widths enabling the simultaneous weaving of two or more widths; upto 400/420 cms. in the…

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