My New (and tiny) Loom

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I know I should be investing in a bigger loom, not one that is a million times smaller than my current one.  But the family field trip to central Oregon is this weekend, and I’m packing my bug spray, sunscreen, hiking socks, and my sweet little Hokett Loom!


It’s a beautiful little loom made by Jim Hokett, who constructs them out of different exotic woods.  He also makes accessories to go with the looms, like these carved tapestry needles.  If you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable loom that will fit in your bag, check out his three different sized options!  I’m looking forward to whipping mine out of my backpack at a lunch spot on the trail to puzzle on-lookers.  I also just want to have some kind of weaving with me while I’m away from the big project.  Speaking of which, here’s how it’s coming along…


Tomorrow I’m going…

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The Old Weaver Woman and the Silver Thread

LauraLuna Studio

We approach the open door of the old stone grist mill. A light breeze dances through the grass and across my skin, and the wooden waterwheel slowly turns with the lazy current of the cool black water, ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk. Three generations of women walk over the threshold; grandmother, mother, and daughter, past, present, and future, out to explore and listening for stories.

Once my eyes adjust to the darkness of the spacious room, I see a little old woman weaving on a huge wooden loom. She’s not quite a fairy tale old woman – who I imagine would have gray, waist length hair, colorful skirts, and bright knowing eyes – but rather a typical sweet grandmotherly lady with short white curly hair, a pink shirt with white shorts, and tennis shoes. I quietly examine the woman and her loom, half hoping she will invite me to sit on…

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Tonight’s Plan

Tonight’s plan is to warp my Beka 24″ rigid heddle loom for a scarf to be taken to the Pine Valley Heritage Days this Saturday. As much as I love my new Kromski 32″, the Beka is a little more portable and won’t take up so much room — because I’ll have my Louet double treadle wheel also!


Crocheted Chevron Baby Blanket done for this little cutie. Anyone else love the chevron pattern?

Hunter’s Blanket Blocks



Block 1


Block 2

Will update with each block as they are finished until I reach 20 blocks.

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DIY: PomPom Placemats

M&J Blog

Summer is all about having fun, seeing friends and family, going on adventures and bright, bright colors! Embrace the summer spirit by introducing some fun onto your dinner table with these pompom placemats we’ve created. They add the perfect amount of pizzazz to your summer table, and are great for using when entertaining friends!

Materials for Pom Pom Fringe Placemat What You’ll Need:


3/8” Pom Pom Fringe


ScissorsMeasuring Pompom Trim for Placemat1. Lay your pom pom fringe against one side of your placemat, and cut to fit.

Gluing Fringe onto Placemat2. Place a line of glue going down the edges of the placemat, and glue down your trim.

3. Repeat on all sides.

Finished Pompom Placemat

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In Limbo

So our website continues to be in limbo and under construction as we pursue switching our hosting. 😕 I love technology when it works! We are hoping to have this resolved soon. Please feel free to call our Shop to place any special orders or to inquire about current inventory.

Meanwhile, Yvonne and I are getting ready to be in Pine Valley this Saturday for a spinning and weaving demo for their Heritage Days celebration. I love being in Pine Valley!

Happy spinning and weaving!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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