Woven Scarf


A weaving problem


In knitting there’s this thing called gauge.  Gauge is how many stitches and rows you get per inch.  Fairly simple.  Well, weaving has an equivalent: picks per inch (PPI).  Every time you pass the shuttle through the shed, that’s one pick.  In a plain weave that’s a strand of yarn per pick.  Got it?

The first two panels of the black and silver blanket were done on the couch, with one end of the loom on my lap and the other on a tray table.  The third panel was done sitting at my desk with the loom clamped to the edge of the desk.  I didn’t think about this making a difference in how my weaving would turn out.  The PPI of the couch pieces is much lower than the desk piece.  Translation: the desk piece is more densely woven than the couch pieces.  ARGH.  This means the “checkerboard” squares…

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More Inspiration!

SpinOff, HandWoven, Creative Knitting, Ply. We love having magazines around for inspiration and to share with our customers.

Look what came in the mail today … I feel another yarn order brewing!!


Baby blanket in a weekend and other adventures.

We spent this past weekend in Park City at my husband’s annual family reunion. I LOVE this family! The drive to get there is a little long, but always SO worth it!

Over the years, I’ve not been the best travel companion — once we get on the road, I drift off to sleep somehow keeping my head upright to imitate watching the sights as we travel.

But finally, I found a way to stay awake — crochet! So on the past couple of trips I’ve actually been productive — scarves, blankets, etc. Sure, maybe the blankets didn’t get finished on the trip or the fringe didn’t get added to the scarves. But I was productive and AWAKE!

So this time, I decided to complete a baby blanket and I did it — in between the pit stops and scenery, I did it!

So with that done, I really got ambitious. Once we got home, I finished a woven blanket, did some weaving on a scarf, and began the warp for a set of dish towels.

The projects and the adventures continue!




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I’m gonna be rich!

I don’t know about you, but recently my inbox has been flooded with emails about the $1,000,000 lined up to be released to me. I never open the emails up — I know better than that. I’ve never even been tempted.

Instead, I can’t help but think about rich I already am. How many people have had the experience of running their fingers through the fleece of a sheep? How many have felt the twirl of a drop spindle? How many have had the opportunity pull handspun yarn from the wheel or a blanket from the loom?

$1,000,000? Nah! I’ve got it good! Thanks anyway!!





Inspiration: Pre-Columbian Textiles

method two madness

front s

This is a piece I’ve just finished.  I’ve been working on it for a few months.  It’s inspired by Pre-Columbian textiles and uses one of their embroidery techniques, but kind of in reverse of the way they employed it, so the visual effect is quite different.  I let the ends go wild on the back, which those artists never would have done, reflecting my surrealist-inspired love of the random in art.  If I were hanging it in a gallery I would suspend it from the ceiling to make both sides visible.  Since I need to walk through my residence without bumping my head, however, I’ll have to be satisfied with turning it around from time to time on the wall.

back s

I’ve been interested in Andean weaving for a long time, using colors and patterns frequently as references for my knitting.  But in my reading about the Bauhaus, I was led…

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