Angora Fleece!

So this afternoon a friend of mine came in. Haven’t seen her in ages. Turns out she has some fleeces for sale. My first response? I just have too much going on — Spinzilla is just around the corner and the Heritage Festival just after that. Then she says the magic word: “angora”!

So, now, I have a new 5 lb angora fleece! I know it will sit for a while, but it is a beauty!



Finished Baby Blanket

Finished the baby blanket! Ready to start another project!!



Day 2

It’s Day 2 — and, hopefully, the last full day of turning the garage into my studio!! We bought a shed recently with the intent of storing (and organizing!) all the accumulations in the garage giving me some much needed space for a studio.

Yesterday I spent the day doing that organizing and stacking boxes in the shed. Talk about being sore this morning! But today is the payoff — I get to bring my looms to the new studio as well as all of my yarn stash!

My modest little home is already breathing a huge sigh of relief! I believe my husband is too!!

Have a wonderful day!
Happy spinning and weaving!

Baby blanket!

Working on a baby blanket on my frame loom today. Once it’s woven, I’ll run a baby blue ribbon inside the edging. A baby blessing blanket for a beautiful dear friend of mine — a soon-to-be first time mom.


So much yarn … So little time!!

Continuing to work on items for the Cedar City Livestock and Heritage Festival happening in late October! I sure do have a great staff!!




Tinkering with the weft.


When I started this scarf in undulating twill, I initially used the main weft in lilac in the same yarn thickness as the tabby weft (same as warp, grey). But the colors are close in hue, so there was not enough contrast and the pattern was lost, diluted. So I doubled the main weft to 2 threads. And since I can never wind a shuttle bobbin in 2 threads well – one thread immediately becomes longer and I have to adjust it after every pick, I decided to wind 2 bobbins left from my sewing exercises separately. It worked, but the threads were separating close to the end of shed – annoying, but not as bad as the difference in length with 2 threads on one bobbin. So I added a pony bead (bought it in anticipation of leno weave project) – and now it works like a charm. Yay…

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Mayan Weaving: The Thread of History

Unique Batik Blog

It’s hard to know the exact timeline of weaving because textiles are so susceptible to being destroyed by the elements, but historians estimate that the Mayan people began using the weaving3back strap loom many centuries ago. We know this because rulers, priests, and deities of the Maya Universe are draped in elaborate woven garments depicted on painted vases, in murals, and on the monumental stone reliefs discovered in Maya archaeological ruins.

According to legend, the Mother Moon, goddess Ix Chel, taught the first woman how to weave at the beginning of time. Since then, Maya mothers have taught their daughters the art of the loom each generation uninterruptedly for three thousand years. In ancient times, weavers made offerings to Ix Chel before beginning each new textile.

Weaving is impregnated with spiritual elements. For centuries, Mayan women have transmitted through weaving esoteric designs that encoded the Maya vision of the…

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