A New Spinner is Born!

Having a yarn and fiber shop is always fun and exciting, but, sometimes, I just can’t contain the thrill of a new fiber artist!

Christy is our newest spinner — born just a couple of months ago! She first came into the Shop to check it out. The lure of the spinning wheel was just too much — you know how those fiber gods work!

She fell in love with spinning, ordered her own wheel, and WOW! Christy was made to spin!!




2015 – Day 12: My Passion for Weaving, and The One of the Best Resources I’ve Yet Encountered

New Rigid Heddle Weaving Book for 2015

Creative Weaving

Book FRONTcoverfor blog

Here at last is our third book on rigid heddle weaving which we hope you are all going to love as much as we do.  We certainly have had a great deal of fun writing the book, weaving the fabrics, making up the garments and getting our family to model them.

CLICK on the PICTURE to see more of the garments inside

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Weaving Hooks and Eyes

Fort Pelham Farm

150113 Hooks and Eyes(2)

The last time I posted about this particular project I had left it wondering what the heck I was doing wrong because the pattern wasn’t looking quite like the draft.  My weaving instructor looked at it (under the cloak of darkness) and emailed me that I had been treadling it wrong.  I was close but not quite right.

The structure for this project comes from a back issue of Weaver’s Craft – Issue 11 Vol. 3, No. 1 Spring 2002.  I’ve added a link for my weaving friends because so many people asked me to explain it.  Honestly, I’m not deep enough into the project to do so.  I had an aha moment while I was weaving the other day (and doing it properly).  I realized when throwing the white shuttle that I was weaving the same pattern on the back side.  How cool is that?

150113 Hooks and Eyes(3)

I love the…

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Weaving an Ivy Basket


My ruralness and wildness was starkly clear to me last week. I had a free day and decided to spend some time in the only large stretch of semi-natural space in cycling distance of my urban home. Entering the wooded riverside I started to recognise my own frustration at the sanitised nature of the ‘nature’ I was in. The path was not only set for me but it was tarmaced. There were enough people around that it was hard to forget my humanness so I strayed off the path, feeling like some sort of petty criminal for doing so.

I walked a few metres and realised that I was trapped, this strip of wood only exists as a thin sliver on steep slopes which couldn’t be built on. Either side are tall, aggressive fences which keep nature and civilisation in their separate cages. But I carried on, I wanted a…

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